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How to Pick the Best Drone

Learning how to pick the best drone for your needs can be a daunting task, especially with the myriad of options available on the market. Whether you are a beginner just getting started, an intermediate pilot looking to upgrade, an advanced flyer seeking high-performance features, or someone aiming to make money with your drone, this guide will help you navigate the selection process. We'll break down the best choices for each level, focusing on budget and specifications.

How to Pick the Best Drones for Beginners


When starting out, it's wise to invest in an affordable drone that offers a balance of basic features without breaking the bank. Look for drones in the $50 to $200 range. These drones provide a great way to learn the basics of flying without the fear of crashing an expensive piece of equipment. While these drones may fly and feel closer to toys, its much better to start off with drones such as this to build your confidence with flying first. Every drone pilot starting out will crash their drone, crashing a $150 drone will hurt less then crashing a $1500 drone.


For beginners, simplicity and ease of use are crucial. Key specs to look for include:

  • Stability and Ease of Control: Look for drones with features like altitude hold, headless mode, and one-key takeoff/landing. These functions help new pilots maintain control and orientation.

  • Durability: Beginner drones should be able to withstand crashes. Models with propeller guards and durable frames are ideal.

  • Camera Quality: While not essential, a basic 720p camera can be a nice feature to start exploring aerial photography and videography.

Recommended Model: The Holy Stone HS170 Predator is an excellent choice, offering solid stability and durability at an affordable price.

picture of beginner drone price listing and specs
Holy Stone Beginner Drone on Amazon

How to Pick the Best Drone for Intermediates


As you gain confidence and skill, you might want to explore more advanced features without a massive price jump. Drones in the $200 to $600 range are ideal for intermediate pilots. These drones offer enhanced capabilities while still being accessible in terms of price. These drone are the best bang for your buck since they offer more advanced capabilities such as advance GPS and optical sensors to avoid crashes.


Intermediate drones should provide a good balance of advanced features and user-friendly controls. Key specs include:

  • Improved Camera Quality: Look for drones with at least 1080p HD cameras for better photo and video quality.

  • GPS Navigation: GPS features allow for more precise control, stable hovering, and advanced functionalities like return-to-home and follow-me modes.

  • Flight Time: A longer battery life (15-25 minutes) allows for extended flight sessions, giving you more time to hone your skills.

Recommended Model: The DJI Mini 2 is a fantastic option, offering a 12MP camera, GPS capabilities, and up to 31 minutes of flight time. If you are balling like that the few a few more bucks, opt out for the DJI Mini 4 Pro which will be the most advance drone you can get for under $1000 and easy to manage as well, it also has Remote ID which is something all drones need to have in order to fly legally with current Federal Aviation Administration laws.

picture of DJI mini drone listed on Amazon
DJI Mini 2 SE with multiple options

How to Pick the Best Drone for Advanced Level Pilots


Advanced pilots often look for top-tier features and are willing to invest more in their drones. Expect to spend anywhere from $600 to $2,000 or more for high-performance models. These drones offer cutting-edge technology and superior build quality. These drone offer better resell value as well since they tend to hold their value longer mainly due to their superior specs.


Advanced drones are packed with features that cater to experienced pilots looking for the best performance. Key specs to consider include:

  • High-Resolution Cameras: Look for 4K or even 8K video recording capabilities and high-megapixel cameras for professional-grade photography and videography.

  • Obstacle Avoidance Systems: Advanced sensors help prevent crashes, making complex maneuvers safer.

  • Extended Range and Flight Time: Models with long-range control (up to 10 km) and extended flight times (25-40 minutes) offer greater flexibility and adventure potential.

Recommended Model: The DJI Mavic Air 2s is a top choice, featuring a 48MP camera, intelligent shooting modes, and obstacle avoidance technology. The newly released Mavic Air 3 is the most advanced drone for consumers with a price tag of around $1500. This is the drone I mainly use myself and it is well worth the money.

picture of dji air 2s drone listing as refurbished
DJI Air 2s listed at Drone Nerds (these will usually be second hand drones)

picture of the DJI Air 3 drone with specs and price
DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (my personal favorite)

Bonus: How to Pick the Best Drone for Commercial Purposes


If you’re looking to use drones for commercial purposes, the investment can vary widely depending on your specific needs. Professional drones typically start around $1,000 and can exceed $10,000. It's important to balance cost with the return on investment for your business. Keep in mind if you plan on using drone professionally, you will need to obtain your FAA Part 107 certification to fly drone legally for any business related purpose.


Commercial drones must meet higher standards to handle more demanding tasks. Key specs to consider include:

  • Professional-Grade Cameras: High-quality cameras (4K or higher) with advanced stabilization for crisp, clear footage.

  • Payload Capacity: Ability to carry additional equipment, such as thermal cameras or LiDAR sensors, depending on the industry.

  • Advanced Software: Integration with industry-specific software for tasks like mapping, surveying, autonomous flight, and inspection.

  • Reliability and Safety: Robust build quality, redundant systems, and comprehensive support from the manufacturer.

Recommended Model: The DJI Phantom 4 RTK is a premier choice for entry level commercial use, offering centimeter-level accuracy, advanced imaging capabilities, and compatibility with various payloads. The standard commercial drone a lot of pilots use will be the DJI M30T or the DJI M300 that allows swappable payloads.

dji matrice 30t drone price and specs
DJI Matrice 30T (M30T) commercial level drone

dji matrice 350 rtk drone price and specs
DJI Matrice 350 RTK commercial level drone

Conclusion: Now you know How to Pick the Best Drone

Knowing how to pick the best drone for your needs depends on your experience level and intended use. Beginners should prioritize ease of use and durability, intermediates can explore advanced features, and advanced pilots will benefit from high-end specs and performance. For those looking to monetize their drone use, investing in a commercial-grade model with specialized capabilities is essential. Whatever your level, there is a perfect drone out there waiting for you.

By focusing on the right budget and specifications, you can find the best drone for your needs, ensuring an enjoyable and productive flying experience.

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