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Aerial View of a Drone
drone map of construction site

"Premier Drone Mapping and 3D Modeling Services in Miami"

Drone Photogrammetry

Drone photogrammetry combines aerial imagery from drones with specialized software to create precise 3D models and maps of various landscapes and structures. This efficient method offers valuable data for fields like construction, agriculture, and urban planning, leveraging the flexibility of drones for detailed terrain and infrastructure analysis.

3d model of lambo dealership

How Can Drone Photogrammetry Help You?

Drone photogrammetry is highly useful across a variety of sectors due to its ability to provide accurate, detailed 3D maps and models of physical spaces from photos with better quality then Google Maps. Here are some key applications:


Construction and Infrastructure: For planning, monitoring progress, and inspecting infrastructure health, ensuring projects meet specifications and identifying potential issues early.

Agriculture: Helps in precision farming by mapping crop health, monitoring growth, and optimizing water usage and fertilization, leading to increased yield and reduced waste.

Environmental Monitoring: Assists in tracking changes in ecosystems, assessing damage from natural disasters, and planning conservation efforts by providing detailed terrain analysis.

Urban Planning: Supports the design and development of urban areas with detailed models for planning infrastructure, managing land use, and enhancing public safety.

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage: Offers a non-invasive way to explore and document archaeological sites and historical structures, preserving details without disturbing the site.

Mining and Geology: Facilitates the assessment of mineral deposits, planning of mining operations, and monitoring of environmental impact.

Applications we Support.

3D Model of Lamborghini Davie  

3D Model of Hardrock Hotel 

3d model of a site

3D Model of Construction Site

3D Model of Construction Site


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